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What is fitness? The difference between fitness and bodybuilding

These days, all you care about is to have a fit body? Are you constantly looking at your skinny and weak arm muscles and getting frustrated?

Don’t know where to start? We will tell you. But first, you need to learn about weight loss or bodybuilding methods. Bodybuilding fitness is one of the ways to achieve an ideal body.

You can reach your ideal weight or body through diet and exercise control. In this article, we examine some things about fitness-bodybuilding and proper diet for each.

What is fitness?

Fitness is a sport that involves rhythmic and acrobatic movements. Along with proper diet, fitness reduces body fat to its lowest level. It also changes the body shape ideally. In general, the main goal of fitness is to reduce body fat and balance weight. There is no such thing as massive muscles and veined bodies in this attractive sport.

In fact, if you want to have a beautiful and compact body. It is better to go to fitness exercises. In this type of exercise, increasing muscle mass is not the criterion and fats can be eliminated to a great extent.

Types of fitness courses

Fitness consists of three types of exercises, including: aerobics, muscle preparation and fat mass reduction. You should do all these exercises depending on the body you want to build. Also, in this sport, muscle training and joint flexibility are important, and there is no need to bulk them up. The training sessions of these athletes are usually 3 to 5 days a week.

High-pressure fitness exercises are not high-intensity and do not require high-carbohydrate nutrition like the volume period. Because the goal is not body building and muscle hypertrophy. Nutrition is very important in this sport and helps to strengthen the lost strength. The use of protein shake after training is recommended for all beginners and professionals.

Fitness nutrition

In general, the nutrition of athletes in this field includes: fruits and vegetables and protein in a balanced amount. In bodybuilding, more protein is used so that the body gains volume. But in fitness, only fat reduction and fitness are considered. Also, the use of supplements is very little and limited.

Fitness exercises are performed and followed with the following goals: muscle stretching and flexibility, muscle strengthening, physical fitness and cardiovascular fitness. Fitness workers can also use weights with less intensity to strengthen muscles.

Fitness benefits

Fitness is very useful for all ages and even women. Of course, before starting any exercise, it is better to be under the supervision of vitamin experts so that you don’t have any problems while doing the exercises. Fitness is an exercise that completes a ready body. Its advantages include:

    relative increase in physical strength;

    improving sports performance;

    increasing body fat burning;

    reducing stress and anxiety;

      Strengthening connective tissues and ligaments and strengthening joints;

What is bodybuilding?

Body building is called doing hard exercises with heavy weights to grow and build muscles. Body building along with a basic and standard diet can have a positive result. These people should consume a lot of protein on a daily basis. to lead to strong movements and muscle building.

Diet plan for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders’ diet plan includes ingredients such as protein (white meat, fish, eggs), carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.

Also, bodybuilders use food supplements to increase muscles and recover faster. Consuming a protein shake after training is essential. Because by doing bodybuilding exercises, a significant amount of glycogen in your body is used for fuel. Therefore, by consuming a protein shake that contains carbohydrates and protein, some of the lost muscle kelogen is replaced.

So if you want to bulk up your muscles. It is better to go to bodybuilding and not worry about doing exercises incorrectly. Because you can follow a correct and principled diet and exercise plan by consulting vitamin expert trainers.

Features of fitness exercises

Fitness exercises are done in two ways: exercises for the whole body (FULL BODY) and exercises on a part of the body.

  1. Whole body exercises

Whole body exercises are exercises that are performed on all or most of the body muscles in one session. All muscle groups are involved in this type of exercise. Deadlifts and squats are the best movements to engage the muscles of the whole body. When you go for these general movements, you should use heavy weights.

. Exercises for each muscle group

In this type of exercise, movements are used, each of which is specific to a part of the body. To perform these exercises, you must use a basic movement and a combination with heavy weights to get results.

For example, to engage the chest muscles, it is better to go for the chest press or the flat chest press. For back muscles, barfix or barbell squats and for legs, nothing can replace squats. You can include these movements in your program in 2 to 4 sets with 10 to 12 repetitions.

Tip: It is better to change the order of movements every once in a while in all exercises. These changes can have a positive effect on your training process. And the best option is to practice under the supervision of a trainer and expert so that you can have the highest efficiency in the shortest time.

Fields under bodybuilding

Below we have explained the disciplines of bodybuilding, which you can choose according to your goal.

body building

The purpose of bodybuilding is to increase volume and build muscle. Therefore, as much as one can, exercises with weights are included in one’s daily schedule.


Fitness is one of the most popular bodybuilding disciplines that focuses on fitness, increasing physical strength, shaping and separating body muscles. In fitness, although muscle building is done, the focus is not on working with heavy weights and muscle building. The goal of this sport is fitness and low fat percentage.

These exercises give the right result when heavy weights are used. Because you don’t need to save energy to perform other movements. Also, this type of exercise is done every two or three days. So, on free days, you can burn fat and reduce overall body weight. Another advantage of this move is saving time and improving cardiovascular health.

Powerlifting – weight lifting

In this specialty, the athlete trains with heavy weights and his goal is to set a record in lifting weights. Fitness is no longer an issue in this sport. Even many weightlifters have a lot of fat.

Bodybuilding or fitness, which should I choose?

Which sport is right for you? where is best personal trainer near me ? It depends on your body mass and your desire. Determine your goal first. You want a fit and ideal body. Or you want to gain volume and develop muscles. In this article, you got acquainted with the fields of fitness and bodybuilding, both of which are part of the bodybuilding family.

So you can better decide which one to choose. After you have decided to choose these two majors. Now you have to look for the right program for the chosen path. Can you set this program yourself or someone else? Of course not.

Because there is no expertise or skill involved. So, entrust the work to vitamin expert trainers and get a basic plan from them and achieve the desired result.

final word

In this article, information about fitness bodybuilding and the characteristics of each was presented. According to this information, fitness and bodybuilding are in the same family. Only in terms of the type of ritual, the time and intensity of the exercises are different. Fitness helps you achieve an ideal body and muscle growth and strengthening. Therefore, both have one point in common, that is bodybuilding.

The bodybuilding program in the Vitamin collection is designed based on the best training principles, such as the pyramid training system and the super technique, for both beginners and professionals.

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