I’ve stopped using a penis extender and why you shoud too!

Penis Extender Test: Experience with the penis stretcher

Those who want to extend using a penis extender have two effective options nowadays: either through an operation. A penis extender, or penis stretcher are synonyms for an extension. In the following articles and paragraphs you will find out what options there are for penis enlargement by means of a straightener.


Different penis extenders in the test

Many different penis extenders are currently available on the market. In the upcoming articles you will get a description of the three most popular Girth Penis Extender models.

One of the most important criteria in our test is comfort. Since you should wear an extender for a long time, it is incredibly important that the device is comfortable to wear and does not interfere.

The belt system has a corresponding pull fork, which in turn constantly monitors the strength of the penis extension. The strength of the train can be adjusted up to 3 kg. With a traffic light system you can check how strong the train is.
The penis extenders primarily supports penis enlargement and thickening, penile straightening, increased libido, improved erection quality and also help with premature ejaculation.

Here you can read the experiences of a reader of MTbio: To the experience report. Martin K.’s increase in length at rest was an astonishing 4.1 cm, erected at 4.3 cm and the increase in his penis circumference was 2.3 cm.
Reason: The comfort: The hard structure of the pole expander is very annoying after about 2-3 hours, you have the feeling that the penis is squeezed. Of course, this spoils the desire to carry the Penis extender on, which means that the results are not as good as with the extenders , which you can always wear comfortably.

The product is a combination of a belt and bar system for carrying. The penis is stretched with the rod extender, the device cannot be seen under clothing when worn.


However, the manufacturer speaks of possible effects as well as of a medical device that serves to enlarge the penis. Although the rod system of the expander has now become a tried and tested method, the andro extender has a very special way of attaching your penis to it, which manifests itself in very poor comfort.

So the penis is tied with a loop in the area of ​​the glans or almost strangulated, but this can not go well for long. Furthermore, the androextender under the clothing is not completely invisible under the clothing, which means that you have to wear very loose clothing to wear it during the day. Basically, this principle is also promising.
However, there is a lack of implementation. So tying up your penis is not particularly practical and becomes increasingly uncomfortable after a few hours. Therefore, the Penis extender cannot be recommended. The manufacturer still has some catching up to do with this model.

What is a penis extender? How does it work?

penis extender experience instructions When using an extender, the penis is connected to a stretcher in the glans area. The extender is connected to either a bar or a belt system, which in turn pulls on the penis. With the Phallosan (belt system), the belt is placed around your own waist and the penis stretched. With the Penimaster Pro (rod extender), an elongation is achieved through the extending elements of the extender.


The stretching is intended to stimulate cell growth in the penis in the long term, thereby achieving an enlargement.

It is generally important that the penis extender and its materials are of high quality and that the device can be used very comfortably, since you will eventually wear it for a longer period of time. With the bad extenders, due to the poor processing / construction, bruising or rashes can occur after long wearing, you certainly want to avoid them.

A good quality of the penis extender also ensures that the device has a long service life and you therefore do not have to buy any spare parts.


Advantages of the penis stretcher
The advantages of a penis stretcher are primarily the enlargement of the penis, the increasing desire and the remedy of premature ejaculation.


Penis enlargement
With continuous training, the penis lengthens by an average of 4.5 centimeters in 6 months. This would be an increase of 75 percent, for example, with a length of 6 centimeters when slack.

What is special about the Phallosan forte: Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven by the clinical study. The fact that there is a PZN for the Phallosan and that the Phallosan thus corresponds to nationwide medical standards creates additional trust.

Increase in desire
More pleasure from the penis extender Wearing a penis extender increases the blood flow to the penis. This improves your love life: you get harder and longer erections, and you can also enjoy a stronger libido.


Remedy for eiaculatio praecox (premature ejaculation)
Penis extensors also help to heal premature ejaculation due to the improved blood flow to your limb, which also benefits your love life.


No surgery
If you decide against surgical penis enlargement and prefer to enlarge your penis in a natural way, the expander is a good solution. But especially when buying, you should pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. The many stretchers often do not deliver what they actually promise because they are often uncomfortable to wear.

In many tests, the pump impresses not only with its optimal mode of action, but also with an affordable price.


Penis Extender Side Effects?
Side effects can only occur with improper use of the penis extender. If the negative pressure is too strong, bruising may result. However, when wearing it you can feel whether the pressure is pleasant or too strong, at the same time the extender even has a traffic light system that indicates whether you are exerting too much pressure on your limb.

Application – Instructions for the penis stretcher
Basically, the use of an extender is not particularly difficult because, as the verb “to extend” suggests, it causes the penis to stretch / stretch, which in the long run results in an enlargement of the limb. The process follows the principle of tissue expansion through new cell formation. In addition, a negative pressure is created, which ensures that the blood supply in the penis increases significantly.

Correct use is very important so that the extender can effectively enlarge the penis.


If you want to enlarge and straighten your penis, prevent premature ejaculations and increase potency, you should use the penis extender from MPE in every respect. In contrast to the other stretchers, these effects were already proven in 2009 based on a clinical trial.

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